Moz's 50th

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Please help me raise vital funds for Médecins Sans Frontières

In a world with so much devastation and destruction, the invaluable work of organisations like Medecins Sans Frontieres brings hope to those that need it most.

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Sreyoshi Uvesten


Arj Ananda





Rod Everitt

Happy 50th mate


Susmita & Sat

Happy birthday Moz! from Susmita and Sat


Tasnia (sharzah) Ridhwan

Happy birthday MoZ! May Allah SWT always bless you and your family - Sharzah & Rid



Happy birthday bro! Thank you for your friendship and thank you for including us in this remembrance of the less fortunate.


Srivalli Miah

Happy 50th Birthday Porag! Wishing you the very best in life with good health and joy with your family and friends. Srivalli & Mos


Russell Abedin

Happy birthday Moz!!!


Stela And Sandipan

Congratulations on your 50th! And thank you for choosing such an amazing cause to donate to.



Happy 50th. Thank you for allowing Sonia and I to contribute to such a worth cause.




Ro P


Ashik & Mumu

Happy Birthday Moz Bhaia! May Allah SWT bless you & your family. Have an amazing birthday! Ashik & Mumu



NC50…. A fine structure! Happy birthday mate


Inder Singh

Dear Moz, Wishing you a very special 50th! What a wonderful gesture to donate to msf.! Look forward to catching up



Happy birthday bhaiya! Amazing cause to link to your birthday :) Congratulations on a wonderful half a century and may the next half be even better :)


Sonya Rashid

Happy Birthday ! Thank you for always being so kind and thoughtful, God bless :) Sonya and Mamun


Monju And Mitu

Happy 50th Porag Many more 50s to come.... : ) Monju and Mitu


Raju & Rabita

Congrats on your run to 50, and best wishes for even better years ahead!


Tara Hilton

Happy 50 th Moz! What a worthy cause. Love from the Hiltons


Shirani And Ryan Gomes

Happy 50th Birthday Moz! 🥳 We wish you all the very best for the years ahead! You are an amazing person and this great cause signifies the caring and generous person that you are! ❤️


Adrian And Karen Todd

Happy Birthday


Sahreen And Tariq

Happy 50th Porag bhai! Great work in raising funds for this wonderful cause.


Gaj And Abi

Wishing you a very happy birthday!


Kleete Simpson

Happy half century Moz, it’s been a good run man.


Shahan & Nevras

We are very blessed to have you as one of our nearest and dearest. Happy 51st !


Logan & Luckshmi

Happy Birthday Moz!! Wishing you all the best and thank you for raising awareness of this worthwhile cause! Logan and Luckshmi


Tanveer Ahmed

Happy half century. Good cause to celebrate a full life well lived, with much more to come. Nice to be a childhood friend still accompanying each other for the ride.


Sucheta And Rama

Happy birthday Moz. Sucheta and Rama


Narendran Nadanachandran

Happy Birthday Moz. Congratulations on reaching the big 50! Great Cause, close to our hearts too. [removed];



Mozammel, wishing you many decades more. Thank you for your cousin-ship.


Tanuza Rahman

Best wishes to your generous heart! XX